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  • 29/03/18
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According to U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow, “Within a decade, most of our top 50 airports will experience Thanksgiving-like passenger congestion every week. Labor Day traffic levels will soon be a regular reality on our busiest highways. If we’re going to fully capture the economic potential of travel, we must address our infrastructure, and do it now.” While we cannot control the transportation infrastructure in Metro Detroit, as one of the top limo companies in Metro Detroit, we can certainly ensure that your travel is the smoothest it can be.

Traffic is both our challenge and our boon. Twenty years ago all limo companies in Metro Detroit could take you from downtown to Metro airport in pretty much the same time. Now there are more cars, more jams and more passengers. It takes high end technology to navigate the roads, keep track of flights, stay on top of traffic changes and get our customers to their destinations on time. BDL has always been one of the most tech savvy limo companies in Metro Detroit; expertly using technology to the advantage of our customers. At the same time, high traffic and travel times encourage our customers to travel together in the same vehicles-whether it is corporate transportation or party buses or large luxury vehicles-which encourages our company to continuously look for ways to improve the travel experience, especially from a time perspective.

We love the challenges of succeeding in our business and continuously delighting our customers. We realize there are many limo companies in Metro Detroit you could take your business to; and we work hard to ensure that we are always your first choice for limousine service. Despite tremendous growth in the number of limo companies in Metro Detroit, BDL worldwide has since its inception stayed on top of competition. With best in class service, personalization and great focus on affordable luxury, we have been the preferred limo company for thousands of customers on a regular basis and our fans keep growing.

If you are a prospective traveler, learn more about how we differentiate ourselves from other limo companies in Metro Detroit and stay connected with us!

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