Luxury Limousine Service in Dearborn Area for Safe Corporate Travel

  • 29/03/18
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Recent events in airlines and travel industry have heightened the safety concerns of travel managers all over the world. Metro Dearborn, with its wide range of corporations is one of the hubs for such concerns. BDL worldwide is truly an international company providing luxury limousine service for the Dearborn area; with the outbreak of Ebola now moving into Europe and several news of airlines being shot down, we understand the safety and health concerns of our customers and we want to assure you that our vetted affiliates all over the world are providing the safest corporate travel experience that they can.

With all these concerns, travel managers are looking for extremely detailed travel reporting and records-both from their traveling employees as well as the service providers.

Travel managers and employees using our luxury limousines to and from Dearborn will find that BDL provides meticulous records of the itinerary and the chauffeurs of our limousine service. Tracking of all activities related to our limousine service is a cinch with our high end systems and en route communication is a top priority with our team. We have highly reliable, superior communication systems. In addition, we also keep track of our customers’ flight status with an advanced flight tracking system.

We understand the duty of care responsibilities of the travel managers, which are both corporate and legal in nature. Travel managers are invited to call us for all corporate luxury and limousine transportation service needs around Dearborn. We look forward to explaining our systems and processes which help them do their job better.

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