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  • 29/03/18
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If you are looking to hire a Detroit limo party bus rental, you will find it helpful to know the driver requirements for Metro Detroit party buses and those in other places. Many people assume that it is sufficient to have a driver’s license to drive party buses. However to chauffeur a Detroit limo party bus rental, drivers need a special MI chauffeur license. To obtain a MI chauffeur’s license, they must pass a written chauffeur’s license test. In addition, to drive Metro Detroit party buses and some other commercial vehicles a special commercial driver license (CDL) may be required.

If you are arranging your limo party bus rental for teenagers, you should ensure that your party buses are chauffeured by licensed drivers. In the US, any vehicle carrying over 16 passengers, including the driver, requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a Passenger Endorsement.

For US intra-state operations, the party bus rental company needs Operating Authority from the DMV. Companies providing inter state operations are required to register with the FMCSA and are subject to additional federal regulations. The Metro Detroit party buses have unique license needs as passengers may want to travel to neighboring Canada or Ohio. In addition, other local entertainment laws may apply for when your party bus is stationary.

In Europe, vehicles under 3500 kg gross vehicle weight and 8 or less passengers can be driven with a category B driving license. Vehicles carrying 16 or less passengers, regardless of the GVW weight, require a category D1 license.

We are sure you want to hire a party bus rental for fun and relaxed evenings. So don’t get stuck with hiccups on the road because you were traveling with providers not licensed appropriately.

Be safe by choosing a reliable provider such as BDL.

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