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  • 29/03/18
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BDL worldwide guarantees high customer satisfaction with its limo service customer satisfaction program. Our limo service in Detroit and beyond always provides the following, regardless of vehicle or customer type:

1. 24/7 Staffing and Communication: Our representatives and dispatch personnel are available at all times to answer your queries and arrange for all your limo service needs in and outside of Metro Detroit.

2. Wide Variety of Fleet: We ensure that we can provide vehicles for all events and occasions as well as appropriately licensed chauffeurs for them.

3. Quality of Experience: We are committed to the best possible travel experience for you, with the latest luxurious limos, high attention to safety and excellence in limo service.

4. Dedicated Travel Representatives: We understand that the needs of each customer are unique and vary from trip to trip. We ensure dedicated reps for each trip so you don’t have to communicate more than necessary and the rep is aware of all your needs.

5. Centralized Systems: We are committed to efficiency. Our centralized systems and electronic billing guarantee the highest customer satisfaction for your limo service experience in Metro Detroit.

Our commitment to high customer satisfaction for each of our limo service clients in Detroit has earned us the trust of hundreds. We look forward to serving your needs with the same customer satisfaction goals for your next limo trip!

Enjoy high quality service and vehicles with BDL.

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