Be Safe in Metro Detroit with BDL Limousine Rental Service
  • 29/03/18
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Limousine services are used by men and women and travelers of all ages and occupations. How can you be sure that you are safe in your limousine rental, if you just picked any service from Metro Detroit? Imagine this is for a prom for your child, Although most companies are reliable, it does not hurt to do some checking yourself to ensure your safety, some tips for you to find a safe limousine company:

1. If hiring a limousine rental service in Metro Detroit, look for the company in the Better Business Bureau listings.

2. Check the reputation of the limousine service in several Metro Detroit county consumer protection offices.

3. Enquire about the registration and insurance of the limo rental. Insurance is a huge overhead and reputable companies don’t cut corners. A limo rental in Detroit should have the appropriate commercial hire insurance.

4. Require in your reservation that there will be a seatbelt for every passenger.

5. Include the VIN number in your reservation if necessary.

6. Ask about the driver screening process.

7. Ensure there is no alcohol when minors are being transported by your limo service-it is against the law.

8. Review the cancellation terms of your limo service reservation in detail.

9. A limo rental in Detroit should have a valid Michigan and US DOT operating authority permit.

In addition, the cheapest deal for a Detroit limo service usually has a catch, so don’t settle for these. Limousine rental services in Metro Detroit and elsewhere in the US usually have an expected range of cost due to an expected level of luxury, service, cleanliness and reliability. Be safe by choosing a reliable provider such as BDL.

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