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  • 29/03/18
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Detroit is a great city to tour-especially now that the shadow of bankruptcy has been gone for a while. The change in the spirit of the city is obvious and there is no better way to experience this than with one of our Detroit tours.

If you have a large enough party, you can design your own tours of Detroit. River tours, food tours, heritage tours, architecture tours, art tours, Motown tours-you name it and we can create it for you. Detroit’s wonderful culture and heritage is not always captured on a map or internet listing and there are many nooks and nuggets of delight that only insiders can take you to. We can add to your itinerary so that your great tours become unforgettable memories of Detroit.

Whether you are a new corporate employee in this area or if you just hired a group of new recruits for your team, or even if you a local who wants to have a memorable family event, our tours of the Detroit downtown and Metro area will simplify your plans. We know what to look for, how to get there and where to eat and drink.

In addition, there are few places in the US where you can hop the border to another country and turn your tours of Detroit into international visits. Watch the river from the Canadian side and drop by at Windsor casinos as part of your Detroit tours.

When designing tours of Detroit and neighborhoods, your imagination is the limit. Nothing stops you from requesting a visit to Ann Arbor or Lansing, the two great university towns in the neighborhood. You can create real estate Detroit tours and browse through the old and new mansions or take tours of the quaint local cities around Detroit, such as Birmingham or Grosse Pointe. Wherever you go, you will be surprised and delighted by the history and architectural delights of Metro Detroit.

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