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  • 29/03/18
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Against preparation nothing can stand-Mark Twain

We admit to misquoting Mark Twain, who actually used laughter instead of preparation. But there’s a reason for this switch.

BDL has been providing Ann Arbor to DTW limo service and vice versa for a long time.

We have seen first hand many security rules change in the last decade. Invariably many travelers forget what items are prohibited and leave them in our vehicles if they are unsure. We have no problem with this; but we thought it may be helpful to share a handy list of prohibited air travel items so you can enjoy your limo service from Ann Arbor rather than fretting about what to substitute in your handbag.

According to TSA:

Item Prohibited
Carry-on? Checked?
Box Cutters NO OK
Ice Axes/Ice Picks NO OK
Knives – except for plastic or butter knives NO OK
Meat Cleavers NO OK
Razor-Type Blades – (disposable razors and their cartridges are permitted) NO OK
Sabers NO OK
Scissors – shorter than 4 inches are allowed NO OK
Swords – cutting or thrusting weapons, including fencing foils NO OK

There are more than seven categories of prohibited items during air travel. You can view detail guidelines such as above at TSA prohibited travel items.

We believe in preparation and this is only one of the ways in which our Ann Arbor limo service differentiates itself from competition. If you are a frequent traveler using our Ann Arbor airport limo service, we are happy to assist you with anything to make your airport travel smoother and efficient.

Learn more about our limo service in the Ann Arbor area here.

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