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  • 19/12/18
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Airport Car Service: has just analyzed over 12 months of data to conclude that a reservation at the Metro Detroit DTW Airport for a limo or black car service is the second most expensive option in the nation (New York City being the most expensive). Rates at the Detroit Metro Airport are nearly twice as compared to reservations made with providers located some distance away from the DTW airport, even if it is the same company.

We have always emphasized the right mix of convenience, price and top quality service. If you make a reservation ahead for either our Detroit Metro Airport limo service or our black car service, you won’t have to wait after your arrival-thanks to our flight monitoring technology. So there is no reason to pay all that extra cash. If you have a corporate account, the savings add up fast. 

Corporate travelers also enjoy uninterrupted work with our free WiFi service as well as not having to deal with the now unpredictable vagaries of nature in Metro Detroit. This past January had the heaviest snow we have seen and the moods of our summer rain can hardly be considered convenient so far. So don’t get caught at the Detroit Metro Airport without a prior reservation-arrange for our DTW limo or car service beforehand and glide from your terminal right into one of our beautiful, comfortable vehicles!

If you are a corporate executive frequently traveling between DTW and any of the smaller airports around Metro Detroit, consider BDL for reliable limo and car service instead. You will be able to continue your work enroute, reduce the stress of the commute due to changeovers, not have to deal with luggage hops; and considering the usual wait time for flights, you might even end up having a shorter journey overall.

We have a variety of sedans and SUVs for convenient airport service and a top of the line executive fleet. Learn more about our Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) limo and car service or call 248-246-2112 to make a quick reservation.

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